We improve chronic care and weight loss outcomes through patient engagement, coaching, and remote patient monitoring, while increasing provider revenues and enhancing quality of care.

What Makes Us Different?

Full Service Model

Let us make it easy for you. We handle everything from device logistics, to enrollment, to billing support with a world-class Care Team.

Reimbursable Clinical Programs

Remote patient monitoring and chronic care management with customized programs for: healthy heart, weight loss, diabetes education plus support groups and webinars.

Credentialed Care Team

Staffed with nurses, registered dietitians, and certified diabetes educators. We engage your patient.

Flexible Device Platform

Integrate with over 550 devices, including continuous glucose monitors and the latest in artificial intelligence. Future-proof your device options.

Population Health Analytics

Reportable outcomes data that drive better clinical decisions.

Customized Microsites for Each Patient

Utilize the latest micro-learning techniques that enable and accelerate patient improvement.

Audit Proof - Billing Reports

Speed up collections, and boost income and compliance.

Revolutionary technology that turns a smartphone into a biometric device. Use your front phone camera for accurate readings on blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, and 02 Sat.


Success Stories

Our nurses, registered dietitians, and diabetes educators make a difference in patients’ lives.

Shannon Landshaw min


Wilbur started the program at the end of August and to this date (and through all the device issues) he has lost right at 20 lbs. He is a true champ!! He enjoys working with RD Referrals | Michelle A. and follows all of her recommendations, he walks for 45 minutes daily. When I asked him if he has started t buy new clothes, he laughed and said I still have clothes from 25 years ago!! He is such a pleasure to work with!! Can we clone him!! 🙂

Suzanne Rogers min scaled


Hi all! I wanted to share that I have been working with a pt that has lost 13# since February. She was like a sponge and absorbed the information with a very positive attitude. She is bulking up her meals with more fruits, veggies, and whole grains. She is finding she feels full without overcoming calories. Her grandson has been supportive and is encouraging more vegetables and salads as well.



I have a patient Benjamin. He is extremely happy with our services. He is working on losing weight. It's extremely hard as we all know but he is working very hard. He is very thankful for what we do / our ideas (also Jessica's help)... He is please with how far he has come & is happy to have a team behind him to help with his journey!! Thanks Jessica Carter for the teamwork!!! You rock! He started at 219 and he is now down to around 208 🙂

Jessica Carter min scaled


I wanted to share the success of my client Margo. By changing some eating habits and adjusting her meal times to incorporate intermittent fasting on some days, she has been able to lose 15lbs since June. She stated she might even do cartwheel in Dr...'s office at her next visit 🙂

Ready for YOUR success story?

Rapid Start Program

Be up and running in 1 week. Begin billing this month.


RPM Logix exports eligible patients from your EHR into a customized, HIPAA-compliant portal created for you.


Devices are delivered in 2 days directly to the patient or to your office. RPM Logix tracks all inventory remotely.


Upload, fax, or email enrollment forms to our Care Team.


RPM Logix Care Team contacts patients within 24 Hours and provides orientation, collects first reading and begins assessments, care plan, and coaching!

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