It’s a national crisis. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 34 million Americans have diabetes, and over 88 million Americans over the age of 18 are pre-diabetic.

What is the utilization of diabetes education in the US today?

The CDC reports that “less than 5% of Medicare beneficiaries and 6.8% of people with private insurance use these services in their first year of diagnosis.” That’s a staggering statistic.  Partner with RPM Logix, and let’s make a huge difference.

RPM Diabetes Program

Let RPM Logix customize a diabetes prevention and diabetes education program for your practice, FULLY reimbursable under our remote patient monitoring and chronic care management programs.


If you were to hire a certified diabetes educator for your practice, here’s what you would be paying:

  • Virginia: $64,272
  • Orlando, FL: $58,988
  • New York City: $93,030

Enhance your patients’ fight against this national crisis. Give us a call to start today.

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The diabetes educators and registered dieticians on the RPM Logix Care Team are certified by The Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES), the national credentialing body.

Dexcom with monitor
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For RPM, you can choose continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) or upload glucose readings from dozens of glucometers.

CGMs are gaining rapid reimbursement across the US. They are clearly the future of diabetes care. By utilizing CGMs, you’re assured of meeting the requirement to have 16+ days of readings per month for billing CPT Code 99454. RPM Logix is a leader in device freedom and integrations. We were one of the first RPM service providers to integrate CGMs since 2021, and remain one of very few companies offering CGM technology today.

Specialized Diabetes Programs

Let us customize a diabetes education program for you which is reimbursable under our RPM and CCM programs. We can offer:

  • DPP, the CDC Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Diabetes self-management
  • Weight loss and nutrition
  • Sugar Busters Support Groups
  • Healthy Hour Support Groups
  • Smarter Living with your CGM

Make the RPM Logix Care Team your in-house diabetes educators.

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