Population health analytics at your fingertips

We feature a powerful, easy to use analytics platform which allows you to customize reports on your patient’s population health.

Here’s the value to your practice:

Our report generator will allow you to customize views on any measures collected.

What’s the average weight change in patients working with the RPM Logix Care Team?

How are average blood pressures trending monthly?

What’s the trend in hemoglobin A1C?

How is HDL cholesterol trending?

Improving outcomes is our goal

Demonstrating progress and proof of population health is a must in today’s value-based care reimbursement environment.

Reports can be run on:

  • Individual patients
  • Patients by insurance
  • Specific demographics
  • Complete patient population

Data will drive:

  • Clinical decisions
  • Demonstrate Value to payers and ACOs
  • Monetizing your Data

Enhance your finances by employing population health. Schedule a discovery call to learn more.