Support Groups and Webinars

Why support groups?

With multiple chronic conditions, many patients today are challenged by navigating the gap between their periodic medical visits and learning how to cope with their conditions day-to-day. The reality of today’s office visits is that they don’t often afford the emotional support needed to cope. Friends and family, even when available, may not understand the impact of treatments needed.

Benefits of support groups:

  • Feeling less isolated
  • Stress reduction
  • Discovering they’re not alone with these conditions
  • Learning how to cope with challenges
  • Fresh motivation to improve
  • Enabling sense of control
  • Better medication compliance and care plan adherence
  • Learning about available local resources

How RPM Logix structures our support groups

  • All support groups are moderated by a trained professional from our Care Team.

  • Groups are kept small, about 5-15 patients.

  • Patients with similar conditions are grouped together.

  • Groups can be run exclusive to an individual group practice, or be community-based.

What’s the format of our sessions?

  • Groups are run online on a HIPAA compliant Zoom platform.

  • The components of our groups to optimize effectiveness are:
    • First 10-15 minutes – Skill-building component taught by our moderators
    • Remaining 30 Minutes – Question and answer discussion period

Examples from Past Events

Monthly Webinar Program

Designed for broad-appeal group learning.

Check out one of our recent webinars, “A Virtual Trip to the Supermarket.”

We created the experience of a registered dietician accompanying our patients to the supermarket.

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